Chromebook Repairs

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Specializing in the repair, servicing, and upgrading of NJ Public and Private Schools NJSPA testing compliant Chromebooks, Notebooks, Computers, and Apple products

Softnetworks can troubleshoot, fix, and service your computer and Apple products for less!

Read Below about the Benefits of Self-Insuring your PCs with Softnetworks over purchasing Manufactures or other Extended Warranties

Softnetworks is the leading depot repair company specializing in service to New Jersey School districts.
  • Locally located in Morris County NJ, Softnetworks offers a reliable high quality and low cost alternative for technology product repairs

  • No monthly/annual repair contract – Save 50% or more over repair contracts

  • Pay as needed / FLAT FEE repair prices only for the units needing repair

  • Free local pickup and delivery service

  • No-charge audit and diagnostic estimate prior to actual repairs

  • Fast turn-around repair time

  • Purchase orders accepted

  • “ White Glove” Google registration services available

  • All major brands including: Samsung, Acer, Apple, ASUS, Lenovo, Dell, HP, CTL and others

In a recently updated article Consumer Reports says “You might be tempted to buy a service plan–also known as extended warranty–on your next laptop, dishwasher, or a new or used car. But chances are that what you spend will be money down the drain.”( )

In the very same article mentioned above, Consumer Reports recommends Self-Insuring your devices, and that’s exactly what we offer at Softnetworks.

Softnetworks’ self-insuring plans* are really quite simple. Instead of paying for an extended warranty upfront, you send us a purchase order for repairs and/or service to cover a specified time frame (typically 6 months). We will perform all repairs and service during the specified time frame. At the end of the period we will only bill you for actual work that was done as well as the cost of any replacement parts. By self insuring with us, you only pay for actual services rendered.

As an example, your school and you’ve purchased sixty (60) Chromebooks and added an extended warranty to each at a (hypothetical) unit cost of $80/3yrs. That’s $1,600.00/year for your peace of mind. Now lets say that you had a 75% repair rate over the course of 3 years (which is very unlikely), you would have thrown away $1,200.00 that could have been used elsewhere. Realistically your repair rate would probably be less than 40% and the amount of wasted money significantly increases.

Our Self-insuring plans give you peace of mind knowing that your repairs and service will be taken care of, as well the added relief of knowing that you are only paying for actual services rendered; saving money for you, your school, or business.

We offer full service notebook, computer, and Apple products repair service. Our Chromebook, Notebook, NJSPA testing devices repair technicians can service or repair your Samsung, Apple, Dell, HP, and IBM notebooks as well as most other manufacturers brands.

Some of the typical Notebook, Chromebook, and Apple problems that will most likely require repair and or servicing include:

Notebook / Chromebook, Apple LCD screen issues that require repair:
· LCD Screen Replacement (if the LCD screen is dim or cracked, it needs to be replaced)
· LCD is dim (this indicates a problem with the light bulb, inverter board, cable or motherboard)
· LCD shows blank or incorrect color
· LCD does not show an image unless you connect it to an external monitor
· LCD produces flicking, horizontal or vertical lines across the screen

Notebook / Chromebook liquid spill(s) repair(s):
· For safety reasons and to prevent any further damage to the device, If you have spilled fluid of any kind (water, apple juice, coffee, etc.) into your laptop; DO NOT turn the device’s power on, or try to remove any of the its’ components or parts.

Notebook / Chromebook motherboard repairs :
· DC Power Jack Repair (may be related to the AC/DC jack, power connector, and/or the plug being burned, broken or loose). It’s one of the most common motherboard problems.
· Will not power up
· Has power but will not boot up
· Has power but has no video
· Hangs up or shuts down by itself
· Has been dropped, no longer working

Notebook / Chromebook Hardware upgrades and operating system:
· Memory (DDR/DDR2/DDR3/DIMM/PC100)
· Hard drive internal storage (IDE/ATA, SATA – try 320GB!)
· Optical drive replacement and upgrade (CD/RW, DVD+- R/RW, DVD-RAM)
· Microsoft Windows (98/ME/2000/XP/Home/Pro/Vista)